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May 25, 2011

Jesus Within

दिल में एक महल होता है
जिस में मेरा ईशु रहता है
प्यार की दीवारों का घर
आशा शांति है मगर
जा कर भीतर देखो तो [2]

आजा आजा कहते ईशु
मेरी रानी –बहना आओ
मुझे अपना तोहफा दिखाओ[2]
मेरा तोहफा दे दो मुझको
दे दो अपने आप को
“सदा कुँवारी- शुद्ध रहो”
यह मेरा वचन है [2]

आओ मेरे महल में अब तो
दिल तुम्हे बुलाता है ,

धड़कन को पहचान लो अब तुम
साथ साथ चलके जाना है.

There's a palace in my heart
In which my Jesus lives
Walls made of Love
Hope and Peace within
But I only need to go inside
To see Him !

Jesus says-Come, come My Queen - come running
Show me your gift
Give me my gift Give yourself
"Perpetual virgin - pure Be"
This is  My Word !

Come to my palace now
My heart calls you,
Recognize the one heart-beat
We have to go walking together !

This is my first poem /song  in Hindi, inspired in prayer, when I knew relatively nothing about Christianity.  It was a moment of Grace. The Holy Spirit was my only tutor and my guide, teaching me about Jesus' love. Today  I feel amazed to even think it happened. I thank Jesus once more for His love !

This song which I could not understand fully -always sounded weird and made me laugh at the folly of love between Jesus and me.

Is the personal spiritual encounter   less than, equal to , or greater than a public Rite of consecration ? Was a public Rite necessary ? What is the difference between the private and the public moment of Grace - from Jesus' eyes ?

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  1. The Personal spiritual encounter happened in private, when I was a hindu and did not know anything about christianity. To be a pure-virgin does not mean that the vocation to marriage cannot be lived in equal chastity. Purity for a virgin is more like being open to be impressed by Christ without any blocks.

    The Public rite of consecration to a life of virginity may not be greater in degree but it is a different paradigm. Firstly it ceases to be a personal affair. It becomes a legal marriage covenant symbolising the love between Christ and the Church .From virgin-bride of Christ-it makes one a spiritual mother like Virgin Mother Mary.


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