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June 1, 2011

Joy a Mystery

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[Written in 1998]
JOY was always a Mystery

Until I entered ‘His’ heart
Alone this time
And saw it wounded,bleeding
And let it bleed !

I was searching for it outside
Wondering what it is which
Friends said I don’t truly have
And they have.
I looked and looked at their lives
But the Mystery remained,
What is JOY ?
And never could I understand!

Then one day I met
A Christian family of missionaries
Just recently
And we ate together
I met Joy  and “Hey” I said
“Haven’t we met before !”

I hugged and kissed her
And we shared in Love
Our own life-stories
Joy shared with me her pain
Because the two were inseparable
She excitedly told me of her discovery
When she happened to meet her duplicate
We both had a hearty laugh
As she narrated the incident.

Joy had traveled
From house to house
In fact Pain had carried her along
But the house-keepers
Were frightened
And denied her entry
So Joy stayed outside with Pain
Peeking-in through the windows
And this is what they saw-

Inside was a family
They were laughing away
There was someone
Who looked just like Joy
And someone who looked like Peace
A friend of Joy
And someone who looked like Love
The mother of Peace and Joy
But they were all ‘duplicates’
What a pity !

They were laughing away
Cracking jokes,giggling
Hugging and kissing each other
Pulling each other’s legs
Laughing at each other
And at outsiders and events
Sometimes even laughing
At nonsense
Their faces were bright
Indeed they looked
So happy, so happy
Even Joy wondered whether
She wasn’t her duplicate !
Whenever suffering intruded
They tried to “shoo” her away
They didn’t want to get involved
With Pain and Discomfort in the conscience
And felt completely with peace
And continued laughing !

So Joy shared this story
We met in the missionary family
As I said  two weeks ago
She said-here too Pain brought her
And Pain was allowed entry
Not only in their House
But in their hearts
Whenever pain burned in their hearts
The warmth of Love embraced it
And it Burst into JOY
Like corn POPS into POP-CORN
Joy comes from within
And it is not empty !

Duplicate Joy was a balloon which burst with great noise
Only to leave it empty !
Only to give vent to hidden emotions
Duplicate peace came from
Satisfaction at possessing duplicate joy
In the family which liked complacency
True JOY and PEACE
Shared with me
That they weren’t always attractive
But their Duplicates
Were always shining and attractive
So they were rarely recognized
This was the Painful story of Joy
And at last I recognized her !

I looked in my / His heart
Alone this time
And saw it bleeding
And let it bleed !
The more it bled
The more Pain clinged to it
And  it bled even more and more.
Till it felt emptied
But it clinged to Pain
Like on the Cross
And embraced it with WARMTH OF LOVE
And then surprisingly
Pain started Popping into JOY
And as Pain burned
It burned into a Flame of Love
And Peace brought refreshment
Sometimes the light of Pain burning
Was too blinding
And seemed Dark like a night
Yet the warmth of the Love
Which embraced JOY HIDDEN in Pain
--- in others’ lives she
Made a difference !

And so Pain my constant companion
Waits for the freedom
To  belong to a little family
Will embrace it
And it will all POP into JOY !


  1. ordovirginumsiciliaJune 5, 2011 at 3:22 AM

    Nameeta cara Santa ascensione con Gesù e Maria. Daniela. Sono contenta che ti sia piaciuta la poesia di Santina, abbiamo anche un poeta vescovo che ci segue spiritualmente. Mons. Vigo,a ndato qualche mese fa in pensione e che ha guidato la diocesi di Acireale in Catania. Scusa se non scrivo in inglese. Se hai qualche problema nella traduzione fammi sapere. Io non riesco a leggere il tuo blog in lingua italiana, anche se cerco di usare il tuo google translate. Daniela

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. La posia non l'ho scritta io ma Santina una vergine consacrata della diocesi di Nicosia (sempre in Sicilia).
    Ma in quale città vivi? Google analytics registra visite da Pune e da Munbai. Daniela

    Il tuo Website traslate non funziona.

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