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June 11, 2011

Waiting to be Filled with the Spirit

[written on 26th June 1999][ When I had severe Malaria ]

Thank You Jesus 
For bringing me Home
Long have I waited
Were the years wasted
In longing for freedom?
My heart is all empty
My will surrendered
My mind all empty
Nothing to do
All taken away by time
Life looks boring
This pain is no pain
A restlessness
An emptiness waiting
To be filled.
Your living waters
When will they Refresh my soul
One by one the seeds are sprouting
Into flowers within
I’m dying
A death of love
As I embrace this pain
Every moment
One moment at a time
Is more than enough to bear.
They have all left
One by one.
Leaving me on the shores
Of loneliness.
To wait for You.

On the snow You’re taking me
My friend, my Lover
On the path without footprints
Stained by travelers feet
On the road to nowhere.
We leave not footprints behind
But tread onwards
To the top of the mountain
Alone with each other
How meaningless !
There isn’t a feeling, a vision
A thought, any idea
Only Emptiness
Waited to be filled
With LOVE.
LOVE , my Father-God
You’re Love
You’re Light
Your Radiance
Is like the Sun
Yet Your Mercy
Like Refreshing waters
From the melting snow
How I love You Lord !

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