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March 4, 2013

FOURTH STATION - Jesus Meets His Blessed Mother

We adore You O Christ  and we Praise You
 R : Because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world

Jesus Meets His Blessed Mother

It must have been so painful for Mary, Mother of Jesus and our Mother, to see her innocent Son being treated as a criminal, she must have wanted to carry his Cross for him if she could. What must have been her suffering at being unable to reduce  his burden, feeling helpless before the crowd  and resigned before God’s will and Plan of salvation to be brought to fulfilment through this sacrifice. What suffering for her to allow her Son to be offered as a  lamb to take away the sins of the world, to take away ‘our’ sins.

What suffering for Jesus, to see his dear ones  also suffering by seeing him  carry the burden of humanity. But he could also see in them the beauty of his Church, his Bride soon to be born on the Cross when his heart would be pierced.

Prayer:  O Jesus,  how much you  loved us as you carried the burden of our sins on your shoulders, to give us a new birth as your Bride and  new life  in you. Your gift is eternal and unforgettable. Give us the grace and strength to humbly acknowledge our sinfulness, unworthiness  and yet the dignity that  you clothed us with, by finding  us dear and worthy to suffer and die for. You are so full of love, you are love incarnate. Thank you Father, for the gift of your only Son. How painful it must have been for you to remain silent seeing your Beloved Son suffering for us. We are sorry for our waywardness and not remembering enough the price he had to pay for us. Help us to follow Jesus  THE Way, THE Truth, THE Life.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be…………

Fifth Station :

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