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March 4, 2013

SECOND STATION - Jesus Carries His Cross

We adore You O Christ  and we Praise You
 R : Because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world

Jesus Carries His Cross

"Then Jesus called the people and his disciples and said, "If you want to follow me, deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me."

- Mark 8,34

“You have renounced marriage for the sake of Christ. Your motherhood will be motherhood of the spirit, as you do the will of your Father and work with others in a spirit of charity, so that a great family of children may be born, or reborn, to the life of grace.     

Your joy and your crown, even here on earth, will be Christ, the Son of the Virgin and the Bridegroom of virgins. He will call you to his presence and into his Kingdom, where you will sing a new song as you follow the Lamb of God wherever he leads you.  “ [suggested homily in the Rite].

During the ceremony the virgin says, "Father, receive my resolution to Follow Christ……………". To follow the Lord it is necessary to journey  the Way God had traveled from Heaven to Earth to reach us, the Incarnation, to become Emmanuel or God-with-us. Wouldn’t it be good if the People of God before whom the virgin  professes to follow Christ, can always feel she is With-them, as a bearer of Christ’s Presence ? The virgin is consecrated  or set-apart for God and also for the Service of the Church community.

Prayer : Heavenly Father, we pray that every consecrated virgin may truly follow Christ, your Way to reach  us and our Way to reach you. Give each one the grace to deny self,  embrace the Cross that Jesus took upon his shoulders, the sins, the anxieties, the grief, the suffering of our brethren in the Church and the world, to be a sacrament of  salvation for everyone she encounters, so that your Plan to reconcile all things in Christ may be fulfilled.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be…………

Third Station :

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