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March 21, 2013

TENTH STATION - Jesus Is Stripped of His Garments

We adore You O Christ  and we Praise You
 R : Because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world

Jesus Is Stripped of His Garments

At last Jesus reached the end of the journey to Calvary where he would be nailed to the cross. He had been stripped of everything: His good work was stopped. He could not heal the sick, deliver those who were possessed, teach  about the Kingdom of God, make the people realise their dignity as God’s sons and daughters. He was going to be separated from his mother, friends, disciples. His human life was going to be snatched. He had already been injured with the whipping and carrying the heavy cross, falling beneath it several times. In this agonizing situation  his body was dispossessed of his garments. The fabric that stuck to his bleeding wounds was pulled from his body. How much he suffered. He was as if stripped of his dignity and left defenseless physically.

Heavenly Father, how often your sons and daughters in Christ are stripped of their dignity, their hopes, desires, even their basic needs of life. Help us to be aware that Jesus  suffers in them. Give us strength of love to reach out to people who suffer from any form of indignity and make them feel the love that made you send your only Son to save the world.


Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be…………

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