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An Interview With the Church


She looked like a Mystery
Sitting in the temple
In silent contemplation
With her lamp ever lighted
Waiting …………………..
Then radiant she came out
She kissed a sacred book
Read something silently to herself
And she went around barefoot
Feeding the hungry
Healing the sick
Supporting the widows and orphans
Visiting the old and those in prison
And listening to the heart-cries of all.

What is it she reads
They all wondered ...
It surely contains a secret
The reason of her life.
She looks like a daughter
Of our own land
So silent, contemplative
So deep and holy
Even dressed like us
But yet so different.

One fine day they asked her
I am the Bride of Christ said she
Tell us more
How did you meet your Spouse ?
Isn’t he from a land seven seas afar ?
No. He suffered, died on a Cross and He Rose again
On our own land.
I have been washed in the blood of this Lamb
And try to follow Him wherever He goes.
Opening the sacred book she read.
“ Christ loved the Church
and gave Himself up for her (Eph 5: 25).”
O this story rings the bells
In our hearts.
All the while a fire was burning in our hearts
When you read from the scriptures
Surely He is the Way the Truth and the Life
The Saviour we have waited for
Since thousands of years.

O Virgin Bride of Christ
Made holy by His Blood
Splendid in the Wholeness of your faith
Radiant with His glory
The joyful Mother of a great company of saints
Blessed through the power of the Spirit
O Disciple of Christ
Who sits at the feet of her Master
O Servant who with and under Christ
Does service of the work of Salvation
O Queen called to share
In the glorious royalty
Of the King of glory
O Instrument  and terminal point of Salvation
The Design and Charity of the Lord God
Are fulfilled in you
Your Maternal heart
Embraces all people
And excludes no one
O Mother Church, we are hungry and thirsty
Make us your children


She is the independent Miss Free

A Professional  with a Job

Single but Pious Lay woman

A Role-model for women.

Half a nun with no vow of Obedience or Poverty.

No habit, no  restrictions or rules

Doing voluntary service part-time.

While being part of a Third-order

Or some lay movement or association

For  receiving spiritual inputs.

Or member of a Secular Institute

Silent leaven in the dough.

Living in the world.

This comparison is not meant to offend anyone. Is something wrong somewhere ? Where is the Order of Consecrated Virgins  moving ?

I have tried to  look in- depth into this, trying to find the identity of the Consecrated virgin in today’s world, not in theory but in concrete, visible form especially in Asia, where Religious Institutes  dominate and  seem to flourish.

It is a painful search. I feel strongly that the way consecrated virginity is being asked to live  is the antithesis of the charism in the Early Church. There is lack of continuity with tradition. Since the hierarchy sees a need for  silent leaven of Christianity in the world, the charism of secular institutes and lay persons is being artificially imposed on those who receive the Rite of consecration to a life of virginity.

Is there anyone who shares my pain and is willing to search with me for the Truth ? I shall be grateful to you !

CAN SOMEONE WRITE THE IDEAL (and practical) PORTRAIT OF THE CHURCH IN (consecrated virgin) TODAY ?

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