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December 24, 2011

A Story of Church Bells: with Christmas Decoration

This is the story of a tiny girl, 5 yrs old, who lived in a happy family – a hop, a skip, and a jump  distance from a beautiful  old  church in India, which had a beautiful statue of a mother with a boy in her arms . 

Early every morning, she heard the sound of church bells  and was overjoyed. Maybe,when she was in her mother’s womb, she must have leapt with the sound. She asked her Mom, "Mummy, why do the  chhuch  bells ring  every morning?”  “To ask God to Wake Up  dear!" replied her Mom. “When  we want God to listen to us we have to ring bells to wake God up, so that we will get an answer.” 

So whenever the family went to the temple because they were hindus,  she asked her Dad to lift her up on his shoulder and they  rang the bells  at the entrance with joy.

One day something sad happened. She saw someone  with a knife trying to stab her Dad. Her Mom  shoo-ed away  all the children  and commanded  the tiny  girl to go away  too.

She  ran and ran  on the path where she used to  hop, skip, and jump  to play  on the church grounds.  She ran straight  to a staircase at the side of the church  where hung  HUGE  church bells tied with HUGE and thick  ropes  made of  jute. It was Christmas Eve.

her gifts to God
She climbed up the steps  and tried  to ring the bells, but she could not even move a rope. Her tiny hands were too small to even hold them and they were full of thorns.  By now she was crying, her eyes full of tears. She cried, "God, Wake up! Wake up, God, Wake up" But she could not ring the bells.  She said, "God, I’ll give you what you want. I’ll give you my doll, my compass –box with the new pencil which has a scented  eraser  on top, I won’t  trouble Mom. I’ll drink the Bournvita, I’ll drink the bitter medicines, I’ll do my home-work  on time, I won’t ask for a dotted  frill frock  or sandals  or a new bicycle. Wake up, God  and don’t let him hurt my Dad with the knife."

The tiny girl did not know what is life or death. But she  understood that when some angry man takes a knife  and tries to stab, it can hurt and there can be bloodshed.

She cried and cried but  she could not ring the bells and  so she thought God is sleeping. She too cried and cried till she fell asleep on the steps, holding on to the thorny rope, tightly.

Then suddenly  she woke up.  She felt silent. She came down the steps and went  a hop, a skip,  and a jump  to  her family. There she saw  as she knew in her heart  that she would. Her Dad was safe. Everyone was happy. There was a  nice tea party  where  the man with the knife and  his family and  the tiny girl’s family all had  tea together. They became friends!

God's gift to her !
She went  to bed  with true Peace in  her heart  where the Baby Jesus  was born  to stay there forever! 


Since then  they put  tiny bells on the Christmas tree so that little children too can ring them.


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